Every year, start up founders, entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing professionals attend the Mind Money Marketing Workshop to discover one thing and one thing only...

"What's Working NOW in Marketing"

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Your M3 Mentors


Chris Ternate is known as the Web Geek Conversion Architect behind Influential Thought Leaders, Speakers, Authors and Coaches. She is famous for creating wildly profitable web funnels that simplifies and automates sales and marketing while increasing opt in rates and conversions without being stressed and overwhelmed with all the technical details.

Mike Warren

Mike Warren is a business maverick, international speaker, and best-selling author. Mike holds a double MBA, co-authored Guerrilla Credit with Jay Conrad Levinson, and is President of a Private Equity Group that buys and sells small companies. Mike is know for his ability to get deals done using creative and cutting edge strategies that has helped his students generate tremendous growth and increase cash flow for their businesses. He specializes in getting cash for businesses as well as buying and selling companies across the world.


Web Geek Business Consultant

Jim Denges is known as The Web Geek Business Consultant who will bring you "Out of this World" strategies for business growth. His expertise ranges from joint venture partnerships to providing solution based sales techniques to convert leads to customers while helping them live a higher quality life.


Wall Street Journal® Award Winner

Wall Street Journal® Award winner TR Garland has turned the common challenge of getting speaking gigs into a systematic and replicable process for ANY Speaker, Author, Coach, Consultant, Seminar Leader, Entrepreneur and Business Owner to follow so that they dramatically increase the number & consistency of speaking gigs they receive...no matter what their experience level, income level, or where they are in the world.


International Sales Trainer

Yoram Baltinester is an international sales trainer and speaker whose transformational events have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business people convert more of their leads to sales. Combining multiple platforms that he studies over his 30 plus years in the personal development arena Yoram created an easy-to-learn three-step system to quickly create business relationships. Yoram’s system is taught in the corporate world as well as to individuals and small businesses all over the world who want to close more business faster, keep clients longer, differentiate themselves in the market place and become more profitable.


Web Geek Persuasion Magician

Kristine Leano is known as the Web Geek Persuasion Magician. She is famous for creating converting web copies and email campaigns that attracts qualified leads and turns them into clients that buys over and over and over using influence and persuasion that helps prospects to take action.

Don't Take My Word For It...

Here are some AWESOME testimonials from our previous attendees.

If you would like to make money online and learn from the people that could teach you how to double your income online, these are the people you need to go to.

<font style=Frank Bresson">
Frank Bresson Real Estate Agent

Inspiring! I got to actually spend the necessary time to focus on my message. Other seminars I've been to don't break it down so simply or give you enough time to actualize. Thanks.

<font style=Laura Wildeman">
Laura Wildeman yourETA

The event is a life changer depending on your endeavors. The best this is you get a strong feeling that you can achieve any goals set out.

<font style=Derick Hale">
Derick Hale Entrepreneur

This event is a FANTASTIC event to help establish your own marketing systems in business. Everyone/Anyone thinking about starting a business needs to be at this event to start their biz off right.

<font style=Christina Calalang">
Christina Calalang Entrepreneur

Chris' expertise in internet marketing is completely transparent. She provided amazing tips and tools that will help with my marketing strategies I can apply right away!

<font style=Stephanie Camacho">
Stephanie Camacho Viva LA Ink

Chris is clear, concise and helpful! I gained the knowledge and skills I need to propel my business into greater success!

<font style=Dominique Aguilar">
Dominique Aguilar Entrepreneur

M3 is a must for all entrepreneurs who want to put marketing systems in place.

<font style=Hawk Mikado">
Hawk Mikado Get Magnetic Marketing

I feel like I have a great understanding of how internet marketing is executed and how I can implement it in my business. Thanks!

<font style=Jason Zamorano">
Jason Zamorano Entrepreneur

Chris has a phenomenal delivery of a system that is proven to bring people to the next level of their wealth through their business. You must attend!!! It will blow your mind on how close money is to you. Are you ready to receive it?

<font style=Fred Bacerra">
Fred Bacerra Financial Advisor

The event is amazing. Having mo marketing experience whatsoever, I learned how to divide and structure my main product, use a website to advertise (let alone the million ways to advertise) and how to turn that into a real system that generates money. I learned how to initiate value by offering a basic service. So Amazing!

Jeff Moran Entrepreneur

Chris can break down things into simple steps that have been to hard for you to "get" (like persuasive writing)!

<font style=Hannah Ransom">
Hannah Ransom Holistic Hormonal Health

Chris is a gifted speaker who is genuinely interested in all our business projects. The most useable success strategy I gained from this workshop is the importance of niche, crafting message and story.

<font style=Jeremiah Bautista">
Jeremiah Bautista Business Owner

Chris helped me think "out of the box"

<font style=Jennifer Vicinsky">
Jennifer Vicinsky Bookkeeper

Marketing Strategies are dissected into followable repeatable steps.

<font style=Satoe Kawashima">
Satoe Kawashima Entrepreneur

I feel empowered to get my business running at optimum levels with confidence that I know what to do and where to find the information.

<font style=Chris Burns">
Chris Burns Entrepreneur


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